Loner Life in Another World Vol. 2 (manga)
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Loner Life in Another World Vol. 2 (manga)

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By Shoji Goji, Illustrated by Bibi, Translated by Andrew Hodgson


Loner life in the forest was hard enough for Haruka, but now he has to make his way through the big city!
Tasked with protecting his classmates from ruffians and delinquents, our hero wants nothing more than to just relax on his own terms.
Unfortunately for him, the savvy class rep has him on a tight leash! But worry not, this loner's got plenty of tricks up his sleeve!
Whether it's enchanting magical items, acquainting himself with the adventurer's guild, or finding a VERY unconventional way to fly through the sky...
Haruka's ready to keep on fighting through any situation that comes his way!

Shoji Goji is an author most known for their work on the series Loner Life in Another World.

Bibi is an illustrator most known for their work on the manga adaptation of Loner Life in Another World.

Andrew Hodgson is a translator of Japanese media with over five years of experience in the industry. Has worked on games, manga, art books, and novels.


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