A Little Spark
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A Little Spark

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160 Pages, Hardcover
Release date:10/01/2020

When the survival of their hometown is threatened, two unlikely comrades join forces on a quest to defeat a dangerous enemy and bring back the only one who can save them all.

Beyond the frozen mountains there lies an oasis from the fidget cold and the howling winds. A place the animals call Lake Zuron. What a wonderful place, happy creatures of all kinds, living in harmony and warmth thanks to their very own fire-breathing dragon named Daniel.

But one day everything changed when the unthinkable happened. The Dragon fire goes out and immediately the air begins to chill. Things were not looking good but just when all hope was lost, an unlikely hero steps up. Join Spark the mouse on an adventure of a lifetime as he and his friends do their part to save their town from an icy demise.

With the magical power of Daniel the Dragon there could be hope. When the survival of their hometown is threatened, two unlikely comrades join forces on a quest to defeat a dangerous enemy and bring back the only one who can save them all.

But first they must face and defeat a dangerous enemy, the vile beasts who own these mountains where nobody passes through.

Along this journey maybe you will discover that it’s that little Spark in each of us that really matters, and that a little Spark could save them from the coming cold.


“The wonderful moral values cleverly portrayed in this book binds the imagination of adults and children for a life time.”

“I love your book, A Little Spark.  The characters are cool and they really make the book fun and I really like the dragon and how he breathes fire.”

“I like how whenever I see a special code I can scan it with my dad’s phone and there is a fun song that really makes the book fun.”

“The new goat has cool horns and a goatee and its great that I got to know all the animals and their personalities."

“A Brilliant depiction of life dynamics in this simple, easy-to-read book!  A Little Spark is an incredible children's book, and I would highly recommended for children and parents.”

"For children and parents, This book delivers important messages about friendship, trust, and courage that parents can and should use to discuss with children of all ages.”

“The extra SPARK that music provides is timed exactly with the video impact. The combination of content, visuals and music is brilliant!”

“The music is uncomplicated and is easily remembered which brings the content to life long after the book tells its story!”

“Bravo! The lyrics and melodies feed the heart and compliment meaning behind the fable.”

A Little Spark is an amazing, innovative book.The story is interesting, the lessons important and the integrated music and videos are exciting. My seven year keeps asking for more books like this. He loves the characters especially Ned Newf - more Ned Newf videos please!”

“I found my 3 year old son looking at the A Little Spark book in his bed so many times! He thoroughly enjoyed me reading to him about Spark and the colorful characters. He was especially fond of listening to the fun songs and taking pictures with the dogs - he loves Oliver The Owl and sings the song "I'm Back". This is a book that will keep him entertained for years to come!”-A Very Happy Mom!

A Little Spark is a beautiful, heartfelt, inspirational story. I love the interaction with the characters - you really get to know them. After we started the book, my kids looked forward to story time every night.  My 5-year old daughter, Charly and I have read it twice. “Spark and Rosie are my favorite characters, I love the way Spark helps save the world” she says. The illustrations, videos and music kept the kids engaged. It has a beautiful message making it a perfect read.”-A Mother of Two

A Little Spark reminds us that we all need something in life every day to ignite our passion and spirit – to help the world be a “warmer” place.  The lessons are applicable to young and old; making this a classic foundational piece to teach equality, passion and the importance of never giving up.  Both my sons enjoyed the combination of the traditional book and the multimedia components, which made it truly come to life through their exploration of the music and interactive videos / pictures.”-A Mother of Two






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