A Little Spark
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A Little Spark

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160 Pages, Hardcover
Release date:10/01/2020 *This title will ship upon release date*

When the survival of their hometown is threatened, two unlikely comrades join forces on a quest to defeat a dangerous enemy and bring back the only one who can save them all.

Beyond the frozen mountains there lies an oasis from the frigid cold and the howling winds. A place the animals call Lake Zuron. What a wonderful place, happy creatures of all kinds, living in harmony and warmth thanks to their very own fire-breathing dragon named Daniel. 

But one day everything changed when the unthinkable happened. The Dragon fire goes out and immediately the air begins to chill. Things were not looking good but just when all hope was lost, an unlikely hero steps up. Join Spark the mouse on an adventure of a lifetime as he and his friends do their part to save their town from an icy demise. 

With the magical power of Daniel, the Dragon there could be hope. But first they must face and defeat a dangerous enemy, the vile beasts who own these mountains where nobody passes through. 

Along this journey maybe you will discover that it’s that little Spark in each of us that really matters, and that a little Spark could save them from the coming cold. The story reminds us that we all need something in life every day to ignite our passion and spirit – to help the world be a “warmer” place and to look for ways to “Be That Spark.” 

My first-grade class had the pleasure of reading, "A Little Spark" by Chris Parsons last year at All Saints Catholic School. My students truly enjoyed the story and the characters. One of their favorite things was looking forward to hearing the songs sung by the characters. They loved the voices and wanted me to replay the songs again and again. It was so nice that the songs were placed sporadically throughout the story because they loved the anticipation of clicking on the songs! I personally loved the lessons learned in the story- especially that even the smallest creature can make the biggest difference. That is especially important for children to hear because they so badly want to be seen and heard. The story definitely had an impact on my students - when we had to all shelter in place one of my students sent in a video of herself singing the song, "A Little Spark". I would recommend this to all parents and teachers of younger students!!! --Nicole Ramirez – Grade 1 Teacher

A Little Spark is a beautiful, heartfelt, inspirational story. I love the interaction with the characters - you really get to know them. After we started the book, my kids looked forward to story time every night. My 5-year old daughter and I have read it twice. “Spark and Rosie are my favorite characters; I love the way Spark helps save the world” she says. The illustrations and music kept the kids engaged. It has a beautiful message making it a perfect read.” --Sabrena - A Mother of Two

Chris Parsons grew up in the small fishing village of Flatrock, Newfoundland where he was surrounded by storytellers. When he became a father, he began creating his own children’s stories, and soon he was sharing them with a wider audience.

Over time, his audience grew up, but he continued to create his stories and colorful characters mostly for his own enjoyment.

One day he had a flash of inspiration for a story about the tiniest of creatures – a lowly mouse named Spark – who, through his own self-confidence, steps up to the plate and saves the day and so began the world of “A Little Spark.”

He expanded the story based on that one plot point, and as the words and music flowed, it became more and more clear that there was a bigger concept: anyone can do amazing things. We all have the ability to lift ourselves up. Every single person can “Be That Spark.”

And so, those three little words became something much larger than expected and the book “A Little Spark” is just the beginning.

Today, Chris lives in Dallas. He has left the high-tech world of innovation and business development behind and is focused on his real passion – to create new meaningful experiences for children centered around powerful and engaging stories like "A Little Spark" that encourage us to look for ways to “Be That Spark.”

Together with his wife, Kathleen, daughter, Maggie and son, Kealan, they share a love for all God’s creatures.

Mike Motz is a children's book illustrator and publishing professional  based out of Toronto, Canada. Motz has helped writers around the world fulfill their dreams of publishing their works. To date, Motz has been responsible for the creating the artwork of over 300 self-published children's books.







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