A Tainted Soul
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A Tainted Soul

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Paperback, 232 Pages
Release Date: September 1, 2023

Sixteen-year-old Annaya Roth is fighting for her life to fit in at yet another new school—and to escape the Dead.

Annaya and her mother, Samantha, just moved to the small mountain town of Asherville. The people there are nice enough. They smile and wave—but Annaya knows to not get too close.

Samantha is tired of running. She just wants to keep her daughter safe. So, in one last desperate attempt to save Annaya—Samantha moves them to the one place she never wanted to step foot in again.

About the Author
AW Rene currently resides along the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, sharing her chaotic abode with her loving husband, three mischievous goblins-turned-trolls, a duo of capricious feline companions, and a loyal canine whose DNA seems to be infused with that of a shark. When Angel’s not exploring the dark recesses of her imagination, she’s usually telling her trolls to stop licking walls and that bees are not food while telling her husband another therapist recommended medication during book research.


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