Aligning the Dots: The New Paradigm to Grow Any Business (Hardcover)
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Aligning the Dots: The New Paradigm to Grow Any Business (Hardcover)

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It’s eight o’clock Monday morning.

What do you do to outpace the market and grow faster than your competitors?

Aligning the Dots provides a clear answer to that deceptively simple question.

Although many how-to-grow business books have been published, none offer a pragmatic and reliable blueprint for top-line growth that is built on deep data analysis and a universal framework that leads to revealing insights. Without a clear roadmap to growth, a CEO’s demands for innovative product development, better marketing, and increased customer acquisition and conversion often fail to produce desired outcomes. An effective leader understands that without clear direction and guidance, teams will revert to business as usual and no amount of inspirational taglines will help the business grow faster.

Aligning the Dots introduces a new paradigm. It’s a universal, data-driven and prescriptive methodology, called A4 Precision Alignment™, designed to accelerate any business. Based on the profound insight that the maximum top-line growth rate can only be achieved when a business and its target market are perfectly aligned, this methodology reveals how quantitative measurements of alignment form the base for the development a Growth Playbook.

That blueprint will guide any business to align the dots to outperform its target market and fly past its competitors.


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