Bastard's Bluff
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Product ID : 9781735772219

Bastard's Bluff

Price: $20.00


Paperback, 281 Pages
Release date: March 23,2021 *Title will ship on its release date*

Burning crosses on lawns and swastikas on Jewish graves? 

These are outrages wildly out of place in neighborly Hercules, Wis. But when a rash of hate crimes strikes, villagers turn to ex-police chief Jim Otis for help. Trouble is, after a scandal over a high-school cheerleader, Jim's no longer a cop. The crimes spiral beyond the new police chief's control. Suspicion focuses on Norman Klinghofer, who lives quietly in a historic family compound atop Bastard's Bluff. When Norman is fingered for robbing the town's only bank and shooting an innocent teller, the FBI storms into Hercules. Jim Otis doesn't believe Norman is the raving bigot behind the hateful Badger Bund's website, but he's powerless to intervene until his teenage daughter, Natalie, thrusts herself (without permission) into the siege on Bastard's Bluff. Jim is forced to summon his detective skills and solve the mystery before hardboiled FBI agent Flint Hardesty turns Bastard's Bluff into another Ruby Ridge.


David Benjamin is a lifelong storyteller. His fiction includes The Life and Times of the Last Kid Picked and seven books under his new imprint, Last Kid Books: Three’s a Crowd, A Sunday Kind of Love, Almost Killed by a Train of Thought: Collected Essays, Summer of ’68, Skulduggery in the Latin Quarter, Black Dragon and Jailbait.  As a journalist, Benjamin has edited newspapers, published and edited several magazines, and authored SUMO: A Thinking Fan’s Guide to Japan’s National Sport. In its first year, Benjamin’s imprint, Last Kid Books, won six independent press awards. His essays have appeared in publications that include the Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Examiner, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, EE Times and Common Dreams. Benjamin and his wife Junko Yoshida have been married for ages. They live sometimes in Madison, Wisconsin and sometimes in Paris.


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