Bircher-Benner 21: Manual for Patients with Skin Diseases or Sensitive Skin
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Bircher-Benner 21: Manual for Patients with Skin Diseases or Sensitive Skin

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By Dr. Andres Bircher, Lilli Bircher, Anne-Cecil Bircher, & Pascal Bircher
Paperback, 203 Pages
Release Date: December 20th, 2022
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Dietary instructions for the prevention and treatment of skin diseases and sensitive skin, with recipes, detailed advice and a treatment plan developed by a medical centre dedicated to state-of-the art healing

Product Description

The skin is the mirror of health.

Skin diseases are internal diseases.

If you understand the causes, you can cure them permanently, while the commonly used symptom-suppressing therapies cause the skin diseases to become chronic.

This book, written by authors from the famous Bircher-Benner Clinic, explains in detail the causes of each skin disease based on the latest scientific research.

It explains all the therapeutic possibilities of classical medicine and scientific natural medicine. . It contains a variety of natural remedies and how to address the root causes of skin

diseases so that they heal. Dietetics is explained in progressive stages, ready for practical application: A must for anyone suffering from a skin disease, a book worth reading and using.

About the Author

Dr. med. Andres Bircher grandson of Maximilian Bircher-Benner.

Medical studies in Zürich and Geneva, ten years practice as a hospital physician in anaesthesiology, intensive care, emergency medicine, surgery, paediatrics, psychosomatics, haematology, geriatrics, psychiatry and psychotherapy, medical specialist(Facharzt) in an administrative position at Zürich university hospitals, teaching analysis with Brian Kenny, chief physician (Chefarzt) of a hospital for internal medicine in Zurich and later in Western Switzerland, medical specialist (Facharzt) in TCM and acupuncturist in Vienna; studies of neural therapy, manual therapy and traditional homeopathy, successful completion of medical specialist (Facharzt) training in balneology, climatology and physical medicine in Germany, scientific work on food energies, dietetics and the effects of regulatory medicine.

Dr. med. Andres Bircher is the medical manager of the Centre for Scientific Natural Medicine Bircher-Benner.


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