Bircher-Benner Manual Vol. 14: For Patients with Gastrointestinal Conditions
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Bircher-Benner Manual Vol. 14: For Patients with Gastrointestinal Conditions

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By Dr. Andres Bircher and Lilli Bircher

We need the stomach and intestine not only for ingesting food and drink, but also to form a comprehensive, well developed, graduated pre-mechanism of our organism in its self-defence against the environmental influences that would make it ill. The entire digestive tract houses an inner external world that penetrates our body and exposes it to any number of mechanical, chemical and microbial stimuli and influences against which it must isolate and defend itself. The structure-comprising the cellular and biochemical functions of the gastrointestinal tract- is ingenuously designed to meet the requirements of continuous differentiation between what is foreign and its own, between the useful (vital) and harmful (destructive) input penetrating it. The digestive tract is a masterpiece of nature. The symbiosis (i.e. interaction) of our intestine with the approx. 20 trillion germs of our intestinal flora, a complex ecosystem without which we could not survive, has developed over the course of millions of years. As long as our digestive system is in good condition and functional, we are protected from any adverse effects due to defects and errors in our nutrition. However, if the stomach and intestine become weakened or ill, they can cause general sickliness, since the entire biological system will slowly lose its complex, dynamic balance. Therefore the persons suffering from gastrointestinal problems must be extremely careful in their choice of nutrition. They must recover the health of their intestinal milieu as quickly as possible, if they are to avoid suffering from general degenerative diseases in subsequent years. An energetically and materially healthful nutrition, as well as a healthy biochemical and microbial milieu in the digestive tract, are what the entire complex system of our metabolism depends on. Likewise, the maintenance of our basic regulation, and the entire energy and information flow in the biological system of our bodies. The quality of our food determines our fate: regeneration or degeneration, illness or health.

This series of manuals explains how to prevent and heal the chronic diseases that occur with increasing frequency (and increasingly early) in life. Practical aids include preventive and healing dietary instructions, as well as measures, which support and control the self-healing efforts of our organism. Explanations and instructions are based on scientific insights which are still in evidence. Our dietary instructions have been refined through decades of experience. They prove to be extremely efficient. Here we show clearly and in an easily comprehensible manner how to proceed to heal gastrointestinal diseases in practice. Whatever the problem, we would nevertheless recommend close cooperation with your attending physician, for whom this book will be a great help in treating his or her patients.


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