Bircher-Benner Manual Vol. 7 For Diabetics
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Bircher-Benner Manual Vol. 7 For Diabetics

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By Dr. Andres Bircher

This manual is based on the knowledge and decades of experience of a medical centre of state-of-the art healing, the globally renowned Bircher-Benner-Klinik now called the Centre for Scientific Natural Medicine Bircher-Benner. This manual is a great help for patients in that it supports their active contribution to the healing and prevention of disease. It gives patients insight into the scientific basis and causes of their disease, and provides valuable instruction for dietetics, care and physical applications. The manual explains dietetics in a gradual manner-ready for simple, practical applications and provides tasty, diverse, tried-and-tested diet recipes from the Bircher-Benner Clinic. For the doctor, this book is a great time saver and a valuable aid in guiding patients.


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