Build Me A Tower
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Build Me A Tower

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Theo MacBain is known from coast to coast as a stonemason's mason, master of the art of finding just the right rock at the right time. Word of mouth alone guarantees him all the high-end stonework he can handle. Stones are easy, but people are hard. The pieces of Theo's life are out of plumb. His ex-wife is estranged. His two grown children rarely call. When Hanson Blair, a troubled young woman, apprentices herself to Theo, his solitude begins to show cracks. Young enough to be his daughter, Hannie works like a stevedore, hiding her vulnerability under a flinty veneer that matches his own. But when she smiles, her face lights up and her eyes are irresistible. In Theo, she unlocks a dawning capacity for tenderness, whose flip side is a stunning aptitude for violence. When this laconic man draws on a profound reservoir of strength to free Hannie from a relationship that's gone horribly wrong, and her gratitude knows no bounds, will he dare to fill in the missing pieces of his life--one more time?


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