Cooking for the New Hippocratic Diet
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Cooking for the New Hippocratic Diet

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Author: Irving A. Cohen MD

Cooking for the New Hippocratic Diet is right for you, if you are trying to lose weight or to avoid weight gain, if you are trying to control your type 2 diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes, or if you are at preparing meals for anyone who is. Recipes, instructions, ideas and explanations will help you learn how to make truly natural eating a habit. Find out why some supposedly healthy foods are responsible for the current epidemics of obesity, overweight and Type-2 diabetes. Learn why some supposedly natural foods are less natural than you may think and why food additives may do harm by acting like drugs. As you learn how and why to avoid faux foods, you will be using easy to prepare recipes developed by users of the New Hippocratic Diet, and covering main dishes, side dishes, snacks and even desserts. These easy and tasty recipes are perfect for someone trying to lose weight, prevent or control diabetes, or just interested in safe low-carbohydrate or ketogenic dieting.


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