Diabetes Recovery: Reversing Diabetes with the New Hippocratic Diet
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Diabetes Recovery: Reversing Diabetes with the New Hippocratic Diet

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Author: Irving A. Cohen MD

There is a natural way to reverse diabetes. In this work Dr. Cohen shows how most people with Type 2 diabetes are not doomed to constantly increasing medications or worsening control. This book show how diabetics, whether overweight or not, can adopt his New Hippocratic Diet to meet their needs, reduce or eliminate medication, and safely keep their sugar levels normal. Reversing diabetes naturally through the right dietary changes not only can eliminate dependence on medication, but also do so in a better and safer way. Current medication guidelines and their associated dietary guidelines are not safe, because they compromise by keeping the diabetic between medication-induced hypoglycemia and insulin-resistance induced organ damage. Diabetics can learn the right way to avoid this trap and return to health. Hidden diabetics, prediabetics, and women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS all can learn how to return to health and not develop diabetes.


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