Elegy For the Undead, eBook: MOBI for Kindle Devices
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Elegy For the Undead, eBook: MOBI for Kindle Devices

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188 pages, Digital
Publication date: 10/13/20*This item will ship on its publication date*

Jude and Lyle's newlywed life is shattered when a vicious attack leaves Lyle infected with a disease that transforms him into a violent and often incomprehensible person. With no cure for the "zombie" virus in sight, the young husbands begin to face the last months they have together before Lyle loses himself completely.   

Fond remembrances of young love meet the challenges of navigating a partner's terminal illness in this bittersweet tale that explores both how we fall in love and how we say goodbye when the time comes far too soon.

About Matthew Vesely

Matthew Vesely collects ironies. Usually, he’s scribbling in his journal while somber music plays in the dark. But, when you meet him, he’s more likely to be giddy talking about new books, reality TV, or dogs. Striving to portray real queer experiences through the lens of fiction—he lives, works, and writes in the Philadelphia area.

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