Featherbones, PPB
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Featherbones, PPB

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Felix walks the same way to work through Southampton every morning, and the same way home again in the evenings. His life up to this point feels like one day repeated over and over; a speck of silt caught in the city's muddied waters. Sometimes it is all he can do to sit and watch while the urban sprawl races indifferently around him. But when the city stares back at him, one evening after work, everything changes. He doesn't see the statue's head move, but he feels its eyes on him, studying him from its lofty perch in East Park. From then on he continues to glimpse it, or something like it, encroaching with every visitation. With it come memories, spilling through the streets, crawling through the dark, haunting his night-time flat, until he isn't quite sure what is real anymore and what is imagined, in this hard, grey place where the gulls watch him sleep...


“Featherbones is an ethereal love song to a city by the sea. Thomas Brown’s beautiful novel depicts a lim-inal world of statues, drownings and winged creatures. It’s also a real page turner. I love this book.”
-Rebecca Smith, author of The Bluebird Café

“This is an exquisitely written novel; deft, poised, and with a writer’s ear for the rhythms of the world around us. Featherbones does the always difficult job of making the strange familiar, while asking us to attend again to the things we think we know.”
-William May, author and lecturer

“Featherbones ... is beautifully written, with almost lyrical prose. It’s the kind of book that sets the mood early and it can be a bit overwhelming in its greyness. Stay with it and you will be rewarded by a well plotted story that twists and wanders so many places. If you like Magical Realism with a tough of Psychological Suspense, this book will delight you. I think it would make an interesting book discussion selection.”
-Librarian, USA


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