Find a Moose with Me!
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Find a Moose with Me!

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32 Pages, Hardcover

"An appealing and beautifully illustrated educational tale celebrating animals and the great outdoors.” - Kirkus 

It’s Oscar’s first moose hunt, and his parents know the perfect spot to look for moose.
Come along on this adventure and help Oscar search.
Be sure to keep an eye out for turtles, loons, and squiggly worms
Let’s COUNT some critters 
along the way—and hope we 
find a MOOSE today! 


A child enjoys nature and hopes to see a moose in this counting book.

Oscar and his parents look for a moose on their trail walk. Along the way, they count down from 10 to one, emphasizing things they come across. For example, “six chipmunks scurry by,” and they spy “four branches in the breeze.” After Oscar notices “three hoofprints,” he hopes they indicate that a moose is nearby. But he is disappointed when they still haven’t spotted one. As the family packs up and gets ready to go home, Oscar is elated to see a moose standing by the car. As they try to stay still, the boy’s mother photographs a smiling Oscar atop his father’s shoulders. Hersey’s text features jaunty language (“Creak. Crack. Timber! Slam!”), which will keep readers engaged. The book introduces various elements children might see in nature, such as beavers building a dam. Halsey’s illustrations feature brush strokes, distinctive textures, and light-skinned humans. The greenery, a serene pond, and the realistic animal portrayals are especially nice. Subtext is cleverly incorporated. The numbers mentioned in the story are artfully embedded in the images. For instance, the phrase “seven slimy worms” has an accompanying picture depicting a worm shaped like that numeral. Also included is an illustration showing the exact locations of the numbers. Key words are often in boldface or shaped. For example, the words Squiggle! Squirm! are curved.  
An appealing and beautifully illustrated educational tale celebrating animals and the great outdoors.

Suzanne Buzby Hersey loves all things Maine, including its state animal—the moose! A New Jersey native, she spent every summer of her childhood in Maine’s beautiful midcoast region. She dreamed of living in Maine year-round and of becoming a children’s book author. Both dreams have since come true. Suzanne’s first book is My Maine. She lives with her husband and two children in Southern Maine, where they can often be found on family hikes, hoping to spot a moose. To find more books by Suzanne visit

Ashley Halsey is an illustrator, graphic designer, and fine artist living in Portland, Maine. She grew up on a farm in Connecticut where she spent time observing and painting the nature that surrounded her. After living in New York City and working as a book designer for over six years, she moved to Maine. She continues to pursue her love of the environment and conservation, and to find ways to spread awareness of the natural world through art. Learn more about Ashley and her work at


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