Galactic Milk, ppb
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Galactic Milk, ppb

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Galactic Milk: The Five Questions of Mortality is the second collection of poems by American poet and former hardcore vocalist Frederick Farryl Goodwin, "whose debut begins with Ophelia, ends with Horace, and is populated in between with a cast ranging from Merlin to Robert Mitchum to the Buddha" (Boston Review). Here, characters are re-cast in a "strange mix of Grand Guignol and lyricism... a potent brew of fractured pastoral and seedy cityscapes, fragile confessionalism and Shakespearean film noir... The workings of some Spicerian angel... teetering on the brink of some ghastly void" (Signal to Noise Magazine). Once again, tradition fuses with machines of recombinatory energy to present a linguistically hybridized world of possibility for a high lyric of compression and genre-bending extension. "Some astoundingly different register to the way of seeing" (John Latta, in his review of Virgil's Cow).


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