Gizmo 4 President!
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Gizmo 4 President!

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46 Pages, Hardcover
7-13 yrs old

How can one little surfer pup begin something as big as the campaign for president? 

America meet Gizmo, the fun-loving canine candidate who is cruising the campaign trail and joining paws with his best pals to save the seas. 

Gizmo 4 President! is a new children's election-themed book sending a refreshingly positive message for parents and educators to discuss the election with their children while also diving into topics like recycling, ocean cleanup, bullying, and overcoming challenges. 

Gizmo's presidential platform reminds children about the importance of coastal conservation, an issue that is of significant concern to millions of citizens worldwide. Powered by a desire to clean up the oceans and help his sea buddies, 

Gizmo invites the reader to become ambassadors for marine life and be leaders in their own way.


Gizmo 4 President!is packed with summer fun, doggy pals, messages of eco- conservation and activism, and even includes a lesson in civics.

There is nowhere Gizmo would rather be than hanging ten from his surfboard, sharing waves with friends, and keeping the beach clean. But when Gizmo reads the news on his iPaw tablet and discovers that local, wannabe surfer dog Riley is running as a new canine candidate for the presidential race, the activity at Tide Rider Beach ramps up. Known for being unkind and not keeping the beach clean, Riley is not a popular choice for president. Gizmo's wise friend Professor Otty suggests that Gizmo, with his eco-conscious and kind attitude, run for president.

Along with his female running-mate, Kaia, Gizmo makes it his mission to spread happiness and save the oceans. But which dog will win the election? The unpopular dog whose tactics look a lot like bullying or the pup putting forward a campaign full of heart?

Written by literacy advocate Suzanne Kline and family psychotherapist Dulce Da Costa, this book packs a punch. And thanks to the summer vibes, it would be perfectly paired with some fruit punch right after story time. The authors have created an entertaining and exciting tale that also manages to impart strong themes that will have kids feeling inspired to stay involved and make a difference in their communities. The book’s most prominent themes include coastal conservation, kindness, and learning to vote for a cause.

"Everyone, in every country, remembered that happiness begins with caring about our planet's future."

Jim Hunt's cartoon-style illustrations add to the fun with a joyful beachy feel. The artwork and text also provide extra giggles to the adults who may pick up on similarities to current affairs. For an added educational element, words highlighted in blue throughout the book are included in the glossary and range from ambassador to kook to lobbying to pristine.

While Gizmo 4 President! will make a strong connection with dog lovers and young beach bums, this swell book is excellent for all young readers heading into an election year.
—The Children's Book Review
Read the Children's Book Review interview with Suzanne & Dulce here

Gizmo for President! is a fun picture book about a little surfer dog who begins a campaign to run for president so he can save the ocean.

Linking his love of nature to political involvement, Gizmo undertakes a campaign to save his sea friends and share his ideas for caring for the planet.

Parents will appreciate the educational opportunities embedded in this fun story. Some words are in blue, linked to a glossary of definitions that helps expand vocabularies.

Good reading skills are one requirement for the complete appreciation of Gizmo's latest adventure. Each page holds several paragraphs of detail as Gizmo contemplates his latest endeavor, learns about the process of campaigning, and crafts a positive approach to solving a broad problem in the world.

From picking a running mate and handling negative responses from the public to "letting every creature have a voice in his campaign," Gizmo explores his capacity not just for getting elected, but for effecting real change throughout the course of his efforts.

The result teaches kids about politics and campaigns, saving the environment, making a difference, and inclusive practices. It will delight parents who are moving their kids from picture book to chapter book arenas and who seek socially responsible messages from their leisure choices.
-D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer
Midwest Book Review


Suzanne Kline is a champion for volunteering with children's reading and literacy programs, actively promotes pet therapy awareness and social, emotional learning initiatives.
Kline's inspiration to co-author the newest book, Gizmo 4 President! was born out of a mission to empower children to share their innovative ideas to help the environment. The book encourages kids to use their voices to become leaders in their way.
She hopes that America's children will join in Gizmo's leadership campaign and become ambassadors for marine life conservation.
Suzanne, along with surfer pup Gizmo, is committed to expanding efforts in donating books to more schools in this crucial election year. She is giving her book royalties to support the Surf's Up Gizmo Children's Foundation, so every child can have the opportunity to discover the love of reading.
For more information about The Surfs Up Gizmo Children's Foundation, Inc FL Registration # CH52078 visit

Dulce Da Costa, LCSW is a Florida-based family psychotherapist.
Dulce has over twenty years of clinical experience working with children, adults, and families in public and private practice settings. She was born in Portugal and has traveled, lived, and worked in several European countries. She enjoys working with diverse populations, different ethnicities, backgrounds, and lifestyles and is proficient in Portuguese and Spanish.
Dulce lives in Florida and most recently teamed up with children's author, Suzanne Kline, and co-authored Gizmo, 4 President! The book is a fun adventure about Gizmo, the canine surfing presidential candidate!

Jim Hunt
Award winning cartoonist, Jim Hunt has been a professional illustrator for more than 30 years. His clients include Google, FOX Sports, Hershey's, Eastman Kodak, NASCAR, and hundreds more.
Jim lives in Philadelphia, PA, with his wife and puppy, Sofia. So when he draws Gizmo, he has a furry little art director sitting right by his feet! To see more of Jim's work, you can visit his cartoon studio at


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