Grit & Grain: The Story of Bourbon County Stout, CL
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Grit & Grain: The Story of Bourbon County Stout, CL

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By Michael Kiser & Mike Smith

To the employees of Goose Island, Bourbon County Stout has always been more than liquid in a bottle. We’ve always known that, but to what extent we had no idea. A lot has changed at Goose Island since the first batch of Bourbon County Stout was brewed and barreled in the early 1990s. As time marched on, the folklore surrounding Bourbon County Stout became as rich and layered as the beer itself. Fact starts to blend with myth, and myth takes away from the process.

That’s why a group of Goose Island employees set out to uncover the full story of Bourbon County Stout and created a video documentary that we released in 2015 as “Grit and Grain: The Story of Bourbon County Stout”. Alongside this video series, in conjunction with @GoodBeerHunting, we developed a book that we’re excited to finally share with you after 4 years in the making.

This book is forged from trees the same way that we learned how barrels are made, and we added Bourbon County Stout into the actual ink of all the pullout, hand drawn illustrations.

So grab one of your Bourbon County Stouts from the cellar, crack it open next to a fire of some sort and enjoy the behind the screen story and photos from one of the most iconic beers in Goose Island’s history.

- Co-authored by Mike Smith of Goose Island and Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting (both of whom lead the documentary film project), 3+ years in the making
- Photos from the documentary series, behind the scenes, many never before seen, even by Goose Island employees
- Pull-out hand-drawn illustrations every chapter printed with ink that includes actual Bourbon Country Stout in the blend
- Large format 19”x11” spreads, coffee-table sized
- Small run, wood grain and gold foil textured hardcover printing, while supplies last


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