Guide To The Flying Island
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Guide To The Flying Island

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Off the coast of the small town of Truror is an island steeped in local legend, a place once home to mysterious religious orders and apocryphal lost settlements…a place that seems, in the right fog, to lift right out of the water and fly. This peculiar past has made the island, in the present, a minor tourist attraction, drawing sightseers and the devout alike. On an otherwise routine tour, Jake Isinglass, a native son of Truror and guide to the island, witnesses something he can’t explain: a young woman falls from an island cliff to her death…or jumps to her death…or vanishes into thin air. What follows in Jake’s investigation finds him uncovering not just the island’s difficult history but his own. Written in evocative, atmospheric prose, The Guide to the Flying Island is at once a ghost story, a mystery, and a meditation on the ways our lives remain haunted by the secrets of our pasts. 


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