Haven House, PPB
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Haven House, PPB

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In 1813, Sally Kendrick becomes an orphan on her 11th birthday. Even though she has lost her parents, she still has her beloved home and her nanny Poppy. Or does she? Her father's cousin and her guardian, the fourth Earl of Canfield, comes to visit with his new bride, and Sally quickly learns that they are planning on moving into her home at Grosvenor Square. She is banished to Haven House to live with "that woman," a cousin she has never met; and as she leaves London her heart sinks as she realizes her life will never be the same.

Sally wants to hate her new home, but Haven House is full of mysteries and she cannot help wanting to solve them. Sally is warned to stay away from her cousin Ginny, but her beautiful cousin fascinates her and her curiosity is aroused. Why is Ginny shunned by society? Sally's new friend Allan is curious, too, and when they find a portrait hidden in a tree, the mystery deepens. Who is the young man in the portrait and why was it hidden? Sally and Allan follow the clues and discover a web of lies and treachery that threatens Sally's new home and family. Can they discover the truth before Haven House is lost forever?

Barbara Anne Olds began making up stories the moment she learned to talk and started writing them down as soon as she learned how to write, completing her first story at the age of 8. She inherited a love of reading from her father and became a bona fide bookworm. Her love of writing continued into high school, where she won writing awards and earned an Academic Letter. She became interested in the Regency period in her teens and has twice visited England on research vacations. She currently lives in Bend, Oregon.


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