How to Catch a Keeper!
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How to Catch a Keeper!

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32 Pages, Hardcover

Have you ever wondered how to catch a lobster? Or where lobster rolls come from?

This delightful and educational children's book about sea life and catching Maine lobster will engage readers of all ages.

Climb aboard the Lucky Catch for a real Maine adventure!

The inspiration for this story is based on Captain Tom's lobster excursion: Lucky Catch Cruises located on Long Wharf in Portland, Maine. 


"How to Catch a Keeper! will give kids in grades 2-3 a Maine lobster boat experience, and follows the adventures of Luke and Layla as they take a trip to the Maine coast and explore its many ways to play.

This story is really a Maine celebration in disguise, as their father outlines the biking, hiking, museum, and lighthouse viewing opportunities before the family settles on taking the Lucky Catch boat tour.

Gorgeous paintings by Connie Rand provide captivating views of all the Maine scenes mentioned by Stephanie Mulligan as the story teaches readers about lobster fishing, using lilting rhymes that invite attention and interest and lend nicely to read-aloud exploration. 

From how to catch a lobster to measuring it for its legal harvesting and understanding the lobster's natural history, How to Catch a Keeper! is specific, clear, based on a real lobster boat's operations, and invites kids to appreciate and understand both the lobster's world and the appeal of Maine.

Local and science terminology are reviewed in a finely-illustrated "Lobstering Lingo" section at the end, while the story's rich descriptions and visuals provide a standout read highly recommended for parents and children interested in a lively story about Maine and lobster operations.”— Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review 


Stephanie Mulligan worked on the Lucky Catch, a lobster fishing tour boat, for eight summers. She wanted to capture the experience and share it with others. She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education from University of Maine Orono, and lives in Maine with her husband and their darling children.

Connie Rand is a native of Lincoln, Maine an graduated from Portland School of Fine and Applied Art in 1969. Her drawings and paintings are owned by collectors all over the United States and Canada. She and her husband own and maintain the website,, a website showcasing the Lincoln area, where they live with their three cats.


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