Idiom Attack, Vol. 1: Everyday Living (Korean Edition), ppb
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Idiom Attack, Vol. 1: Everyday Living (Korean Edition), ppb

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Are you confused by common sayings in the English language?
Discover the hidden meanings of English idioms to help you communicate with confidence.

Are you worried you’re missing out on the conversation? Do you want to strengthen your English skills? As ESL educators, Peter Liptak, Matthew Douma, and Jay Douma have decades of teaching experience across the world helping classrooms full of students navigate the treacherous waters of the English language. Now they’ve created a series of books to help you too!

Idiom Attack: Everyday Living is a densely-packed resource that contains 300+ of the most common and relevant idioms for communicating with friends, sharing stories & just getting along in life in North America in both English and Japanese. Through Idiom Attack, you’ll discover definitions, examples, and practice questions. Before you know it, you’ll be using English language idioms in your own conversations like a native English speaker & impressing people with your business English.


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