India Untouched, CL
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India Untouched, CL

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India Untouched is a personal account of the experiences of an extraordinary philanthropist of Indian origin, Abraham George, who has devoted his life to working for the poor in South India for the past eight years. The backdrop is the day-to-day lives of a great majority of Indians who live in the villages, mostly untouched by the rapid economic progress that has been occurring in every city across the country since reforms were introduced in 1991. George tells his powerful story candidly and honestly as he seeks solutions that would reduce the hardships faced by hundreds of millions of Indians still living in poverty and social deprivation.India Untouched is an inspiring work offering many innovative ideas for social and economic reform, born out of one man's vision for change.George makes the compelling argument and demonstrates through his social work that only by embracing departures from traditional ways can the problems of poverty and social inequality be effectively addressed in India and in other developing countries.


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