John Stark: Maverick General
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John Stark: Maverick General

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By Ben Z. Rose

Author Ben Z. Rose brings to life the legendary hero of the New England Militia during America s War of Independence. Born in Colonial New Hampshire to Scotch Irish immigrants, John Stark survived Indian captivity, and later fought alongside the British in the French and Indian War as part of Rogers Rangers, a legendary militia company which pioneered the tactics of modern guerilla warfare. General Stark s Scotch Irish roots, first hand exposure to second class citizenship in the British army and his desire to prove his talent as a general drove him to achieve victory at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Later, his surprise attack against British hired mercenaries at the Battle of Bennington turned the tide of the war in favor of the young American army. Staunchly independent, John Stark disdained politics and was considered something of a renegade, even among his friends. Like General George Patton of later years, Stark was brash, outspoken and suspicious of politicians who meddled in military affairs. Stark would live to the age of 94, outlasting all but one general of the Revolutionary War.


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