Journey To The Beloved: Sufi Poems By Yunus Emre
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Journey To The Beloved: Sufi Poems By Yunus Emre

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Know yourself. This has always been the call of wise men to all human beings for centuries. Although there is no distance, knowing ourselves is the longest and the hardest journey that we may ever experience. For we ourselves are the biggest puzzle to be solved. In the search for the kernel of yourself, surprisingly, in the very depths of your existence there you find God. And in the course of this journey, Love emerges which takes you beyond even yourself. So your life becomes a journey to the Beloved, the very Beloved within yourself. Yunus Emre, the sufi poet, having accomplished his own journey, tells us about this in his poems. Lets read. It is not just his story. He is indeed telling us about ourselves. This is our story.


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