Letters: Building An Alphabet with Art and Attitude, HC
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Letters: Building An Alphabet with Art and Attitude, HC

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An Alphabet Apart
In Letters, the art and poetry of the English alphabet comes alive through rhythm and rhyme in philosophically charged verse. Much can be learned about a people by the language they use, but what can be said of the letters of that language? This playful treatise on the English alphabet explores the art and philosophy of some letters as they gained form in one artist's eye and expression in the language of a wondering wordsmith. 26 letters called out for a home and found one in the words of this tiny tome.
The quotable alphabet book:
*"The Lime Launched the First Attack!"
*"The idea, like a chill, catching... Endlessly in an E etch-a-sketching."
*"Self reflection in dual direction... What will you find upon inspection?"
*"With sudden laughter, or intense sigh, An L will come to mind awry." 
*"Pure of heart, "we are P," they said."
*"Self," said S. "What is the correction of my silvery snakelike perfection?"
*"Unbending and unbeatable, uncompromising U led 
   A revolution to unite alphabet's understanding 
   For all who would learn, U are outstanding!"


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