No Dark Clouds, PPB
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No Dark Clouds, PPB

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Inspired by observing struggles and disabilities of India’s beggar children, this is a unique Christian fiction intertwining the lives of seven beggar children in Biblical Jerusalem with historical figures of the time, including Jesus. No Dark Clouds brings forth the raw emotions of what a personal encounter with Jesus might have been like for a youth living at the time of Christ. The story gives the reader a glimpse of the lives of those who found themselves caught up in the Passion Week, trial, and crucifixion: people such as a slave, Roman soldiers, Pharisees, Barabbas and King Herod. This fictional account takes the reader to Resurrection Sunday, where he or she experiences the life-changing effects of that day in the lives of Pilate, his wife Claudia, the Disciples, Cleopas, the High Priest Caiaphas, among others. The uniqueness of the novel includes 8 Biblical study lessons embedded within the story among numerous  ‘life-trait’ themes and ‘personal application’ lessons.


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