Oh, How I Wished I Could Read! (Hardcover)
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Oh, How I Wished I Could Read! (Hardcover)

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This Teachers’ Choice award winner, Oh, How I Wished I Could Read! by John Gile, produces laughs and gasps that make its "reading is vital" message a child-pleasing joy. Highly acclaimed and a national bestseller, it's a perfect book for fun-loving parents and high spirited teachers who laugh with their children and use humor to teach.


“This is a wonderful book to use at first and second grade to introduce students to the notion that reading is for a real-life purpose.   The main character dreams that he is unable to read and finds himself in funny, compromising and sometimes painful situations due to his readingless state.
-Classroom Application

     “Read this to your children in the beginning of the year, and then take a ‘field trip’ through the school and around the school grounds to find the helpful signs in the environment that are important to us: restroom, boys, girls, library, principal’s office, cafeteria, stop, yield, bus stop, etc.” — Cheryl Sigmon, Sigmon & Associates, Inc., Columbia, South Carolina

Very worthwhile book, M. J. Smith
     This book has an important message for every young person. The illustrations will draw the child into the story. With so many kids not reading a lot, this should be on the must read list. My hat’s off to John for another great book.

A great wish can come true! Florence M. Smith
     Do wishes still come true? Well, the greatest wish does come true to a little boy. Unbeknownst to this young lad, he takes an imaginary journey one night into a world where he is unable to read. By the end of the story the the young child wakes up in his bed and heads directly to his bookshelf relieved to find out that he does indeed know how to read. This book will foster a love for reading to any reader, young and old.

A great read-aloud, Lisa D.
     This is a great book for elementary students. I read this aloud in my elementary library. Each picture is a gem for the kids to try and figure out why the boy wishes he could read as he heads toward different pitfalls of trouble. The kids love that if only he could read, he would be A-OK.
Then at the end there is the joy of knowing it was just a bad dream.
It’s a great book.

A MUST for all Elementary Education teachers!
     I really liked this book because it shows children, in a fun way, why it is important for them to know how to read. To be safe, children need to know how to read signs, to know where there is potential danger. That’s only a small part of the importance of functional literacy, but a very important one.

Mar 05, 2018 Amy Buthelezi, Goodreads
This book teaches the importance of words and literacy. The illustrations are colorful and add a bit of humor. The story also adds irony and suspense. This story highlights topics such as transportation, signs, and feelings. This book also has rhyming words to capture the attention of young children.

Great read for the entire family and only 5-7 minutes to read it!

Mar 01, 2018 Mort, Goodreads
Book can be used to teach children about emotions. Illustrations in the book very bright and visual for children. Good book for kids to read along.

 01, 2018 Maliha Arman, Goodreads
This book is a lovely way to introduce the importance and love for reading. The rhymes in the book keep the children engaged and increase imagination. It encourages language and literacy skills and the love that the child has for wanting to read. The images are bright and fun to keep children alert of what you are reading.


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