One Bronze Knuckle, eBook: ePUB for Nook & Apple devices
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One Bronze Knuckle, eBook: ePUB for Nook & Apple devices

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Jonathan Berger, known locally as The Bergermeister, is the head of Bergerton’s illustrious Berger family. The Bergers have prospered in the town ever since Jon’s great-great-grandfather refused to move from the spot where his donkey cart toppled over on the side of the road. Fortune smiles upon them—until a catastrophic fire strikes during the annual Feast of Sullivan, and they find themselves scattered to the winds.
Runaway grandchildren, a pitchfork-armed local militia, rival churches, a home for wayward boys, goat caves converted to a makeshift prison: their adventures are seemingly endless. But as they explore the world beyond the confines of their little town, circling ever nearer to the great island City, they also discover the connections that hold steadfast between them, no matter what the distance.
Narrated by a witch whose knack for storytelling far outstrips her questionable magical talent, this charming debut paints a world where anything might happen—and most of it does.


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