One Single Species: Why the Connections in Nature Matter, PPB
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One Single Species: Why the Connections in Nature Matter, PPB

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Paperback, 44 Pages
Release Date: 03/15/2020

Can one single species change an entire ecosystem?

Learn the answer in Susan E. Quinlan’s new book: One Single Species: Why the Connections in Nature Matter which tells the story of Dr. Robert T. Paine’s landmark ecological research on ochre sea stars.

“The beautiful illustrations in this remarkable explanation of one of the most important ecological studies of the 20th century really helps to bring the rocky intertidal ecosystem of the NW coast alive. … Science teachers will find this book particularly useful.” —Victoria Jordan, Middle School Science Teacher, Colorado State University Teacher-in-Residence, National Science Teachers Association Distinguished Teacher 2016

Through clear text and vivid, colorful artwork, One Single Species reveals the story of Paine’s important and creative research, along with his surprising findings.

You will…

  • Discover a host of curious creatures that live in the rocky intertidal
  • Learn that scientific research begins with careful observations and a question
  • Follow along as a renowned scientist designs a clever field experiment
  • Be surprised by the striking results of his study
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the ways all of nature is tied together

"What a vibrant resource for young people to learn the vital role of a keystone species in an ecosystem! … I would use this book with learners of any age, even with adults new to environmental learning, as the beautiful artwork and succinct, accurate text clearly convey a rather abstract concept. " — Janet Carrier Ady, Ph.D., Environmental Educator

This intriguing book brings ecological science to life and inspires you to look more carefully for connections in the natural world. With interesting examples of interconnections among varied species around the world, One Single Species helps develop an appreciation of nature’s remarkable complexity.

One Single Species is a gem, in its clearly written text and revealing art. … This book will be useful in STEM programs, and there is nothing quite like it in school libraries.” Laurence Pringle, Author of 120 books for children


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