Other Worlds: An Intergalactic Coloring Book, PPB
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Other Worlds: An Intergalactic Coloring Book, PPB

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Mission Control July July [uplink]: Ranger Zero-Darling, come in. What do you see?

Ranger Zero-Darling [downlink]: It . . . [static] . . . It's beautiful.

July July: Ranger, please repeat. What is beautiful?

Zero-Darling: Everything.

From artist Saul Rosenbaum comes an intergalactic voyage powered by your creativity. Strap in for a space odyssey the likes of which you have never seen.

Explore a sliver of the galaxy as yet untouched by light and color. With intrepid imagination and a steady hand, assist Space Ranger Zero-Darling on a mission to illuminate the uncharted depths of space.

Pack your space pants and your colored pencils and hop aboard the Ovo-1 Stargazer Quaintrelle. We're on our way to other worlds!

Inside this cosmic coloring book:

  • 27 intricate illustrations awaiting your pen
  • exceedingly wonderful space stuff
  • previously owned, well-loved rocket ships
  • really radical ray guns
  • the quasi-spaceworthy some-terrain Dodo Rover (it's a lemon)
  • the Jungle World!
  • the Ocean World!
  • the Desert World!
  • space robots, space booze, space trinkets, space detritus, space jam
  • Q.U.E., a puppy who can operate spacecraft, though he's asked us to clarify that in fact he is not a puppy in spite of looking absolutely identical to a puppy
  • the Grim Worm, should it cross your path (we take no responsibility for what may happen if you go looking for it)


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