Ralphy's Rules for Living the Good Life
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Ralphy's Rules for Living the Good Life

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By Talar Herculian Coursey
Hardcover, 36 Pages
Release Date: June 27th, 2023

One cranky squirrel + one happy dog = a lesson in emotional intelligence your kids will love!

When Joey bumps into Ralphy at the park, he can tell right away that Joey is a squirrel that needs to hear all about “Ralphy’s Rules for Living the Good Life.” Joey learns the value of kindness, not taking things personally, and being brave. 

It’s never too early to practice these important skills, and this duo is the perfect pair to help you open the door to those conversations.

About the Author

Talar Herculian Coursey is a lawyer by day and a children's book author, Life Coach and philanthropist by night (more like mornings). 

She has been a General Counsel since 2011 and recently joined ComplyAuto, a privacy/cybersecurity Saas company. Before going in-house, she was a file clerk, associate and partner at the national labor and employment law firm, Fisher Phillips LLP. 

Talar is a co-author of both #Networked: How 20 Women Lawyers Overcamethe Confines of COVID-19 Social Distancing to Create Connections, CultivateCommunity, & Build Businesses in the Midst of a Global Pandemic and Women In Law: Discovering the True Meaning of Success.

Her first children's book, Ralphy's Rules for Living the Good Life, was published in 2021 and the second book Ralphy's Rules for Feelings in 2023. 

Talar has served as the President of the Salt Lake City Chapter for the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief ("SOAR") since 2015. SOAR, founded in 2005, supports orphanages in Syria, Lebanon and Armenia.

She runs the Salt Lake City Half Marathon every year to raise money for SOAR in memory of her father. Net proceeds from her children's books also go to SOAR. 

In addition to being a mother, wife, lawyer, life coach and philanthropist, she is also a runner, yogi and Jesus, Ekhart Tolle, Peloton and Brandon Flowers groupie. 

You can find Talar on LinkedIn most days @TalarEsq or on her website www.TalarEsq.com. 


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