Redfield Farm, ppb
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Redfield Farm, ppb

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The story of Ann Redfield, a young Quaker woman whose brother, Jesse, is involved in the Underground Railroad.  Ann's devotion to her brother runs deep, so she joins him in the struggle.  Together they lie, sneak, masquerade and defy their way past would-be enforcers of the hated Fugitive Slave Law.  Their dedication to the cause complicates relationships with their fellow Quakers, pro-slavery neighbors and even the fugitives themselves.  When grave disappointment shakes Ann to her roots, she turns to one of the fugitives for comfort, and comfort leads to intimacy.  The result, both poignant and inspiring, is life-long devotion to each other and their cause.  Redfield Farm is a tale of compassion, dedication and love, steeped in the details of another time, but resonant with implications for today’s world.  The author brings a deep understanding of the intricacies of the Underground Railroad, lending authenticity and truth to this tale of a life well-lived and a love well-founded.


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