Ride South Until the Sawgrass
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Ride South Until the Sawgrass

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Paperback, 368 Pages
Release Date: 10/27/2020 *Item wil ship on release date*

From the moment Nat Quinto and his wife Lucy set foot in the Florida Territory, they can't seem to steer clear of Jake Primrose, a rancher whose schemes to increase his already plentiful wealth ensnare everyone around him. Between Primrose's greed and the brutal conflicts brewing in the Territory surrounding them, will the Quinto family be able to stay true to themselves? In four tales, the paths of the Primrose and Quinto families cross, separate, and inevitably intertwine in this virtuosic debut set during the tumultuous years of the Florida Territory's Second Seminole War and early statehood.


James Chapin’s writing has appeared in Slate, Catapult, the Los Angeles Review of Books’ Marginalia channel, and the Tampa Bay Times. He is from north Florida, where he lived while writing this novel. He currently lives in Georgia with his wife and their animals.


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