Rinpoche's Remarkable Ten-Week Weight Loss Clinic, ppb
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Rinpoche's Remarkable Ten-Week Weight Loss Clinic, ppb

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Rinpoche's RemarkableTen-Week Weight Loss Clinic brings back two main characters from RolandMerullo's beloved Buddha Trilogy (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with Buddha). This time, though,instead of cruising the American road together, Otto Ringling and VolyaRinpoche are part of the famous meditation master's offbeat weight loss clinic,held over the course of ten Saturdays in a New York City yoga studio. 

"These characters have been alive in my imagination fora decade now," Merullo says, "and I just had the sense that Rinpoche,out of his deep compassion, would try to do something about America's obesityepidemic. I've also been fascinated for a long time by the way addictionworks--whether it's addiction to food, drugs, alcohol, sex, work, or anythingelse--the way it occupies the mind and moves us to do things we know we would bebetter off not doing. I've always wondered what advice Rinpoche would give on thesubject." 

Known--across twenty books, scores of essays, and twenty-fiveyears of publishing--for being willing to try his hand at an unusually widevariety of themes, subjects, and genres, here Merullo works for the first timein the novella form, putting together a deft, moving, and tightly compressedtale that includes his trademark mix of spiritual inquiry and ordinary humanemotions.

 "This story isabout the challenge of losing weight, yes," the author says, "butthere's a twist to it at the end, and that opens into a wider territory. Itried to approach it with a full appreciation for the difficulty of breakingold habits, and I gave up a beloved food myself for ten weeks, just to keepthings honest."

While it does not promise to help readers with theirtroublesome eating habits or other addictions, Rinpoche's Remarkable Ten-Week Weight Loss Clinic does look atthose painful issues from a fresh angle, one full of sympathy and wisdom. Itwill certainly please lovers of the Buddha Trilogy, and perhaps bring new fansto the hundreds of thousands who've already enjoyed the travels andconversations of Otto and his enlightened teacher.


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