Rudy 3: Change Can Be Good
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Rudy 3: Change Can Be Good

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By Diane Robbins Jones
Hardback, 120 Pages
Release Date: 13 December 2022 

Rudy 3 - Change Can Be Good picks up where Rudy 2 left off in uncertain times. Diane's leg is healing from her fall off Rudy, and his tummy is recovering from ulcers. Rudy encounters many new challenges and changes during his latest adventures. In each case, he is scared about what's to come, but he ultimately faces each fear with bravery. In Rudy 3, he goes to summer camp, Liberty training class, hikes up a mountain and is reunited with his favorite mare. Some things stay the same with Rudy: He is still terrified of trailers and pigs, and Mom is the steady, loving presence in his life. Consistent with all the books in the series, Rudy tells the story. Special features: education embedded throughout the book, tack diagrams, glossary of equine definitions, 20 Fun Horse Facts, and gorgeous color illustrations bring the story to life. Ages 5-11.

About the Author
Jones had no intention of buying a horse even though she had dreamt of owning one since she was a young girl. Through a series of fortunate events, she bought Rudy for a dollar. Without formal knowledge of horse ownership, she dove headfirst into the most significant joy and challenge of her life. After working with Rudy for a year, something clicked in Jones. A story started flowing through her, begging to be shared. The Rudy the Rudster book series was born. Jones's writing goals were to make Rudy relatable to children by sharing his feelings about his experiences. She also is keen to educate kids on all things horse.


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