Rudy: A Big Horse With A Big Heart
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Product ID : 9781732596917

Rudy: A Big Horse With A Big Heart

Price: $19.95


By Diane Robbins Jones
Illustrated by Karen Busch Holman

Rudy: A Big Horse With a Big Heart is a children's book that chronicles Diane's first year with Rudy told by Rudy.

He takes readers on a journey through the high’s and low’s as he and Diane begin to work together, learn to trust each other, and eventually develop a deep bond. Readers are exposed to how horses think, the emotions they feel, and what goes into training a horse from both the human and horse perspective. Along the way, Rudy makes friends, bravely learns how to go on trail rides, and discovers water can be fun instead of frightening. Readers will be thrilled when Rudy and two other horses step over the paddock fence freeing themselves. Rudy’s charismatic personality will capture children’s hearts and make them long to know “what happens next?”


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