Sitting Rock: and the Rock that Became a Mountain
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Product ID : 9781942279310

Sitting Rock: and the Rock that Became a Mountain

Price: $12.95


Written By: Desiree Wetz (Juaneño/Luiseño/Cahuilla)
Illustrated By: Denae Shanidiin’s (Diné/ Honágháahnii/ Kinłichíi'nii/ Bilagáana/Korean)
Paperback, 76 Pages
Release date 10/20/2023

Life is not easy for an Indigenous boy named Sitting Rock who doesn’t seem to fit in with the other children in his village. Before his coming of age ceremony, Sitting Rock makes an unexpected friend he names Tóota Yót. With Tóota Yót’s help, Sitting Rock discovers his purpose and how to be brave when faced with tough decisions. With only the whispers of the trees to guide their path, these unlikely friends set out on a journey to the…“beginning.”

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Where does Sitting Rock’s path lead next? 

Find out in book two, Sitting Rock and the Feud in the Sky.

Desiree Wetz
(Juaneño/Luiseño/Cahuilla) lives on the Pechanga Reservation with her family. She spends most of her time with her family and community on the reservation―volunteering to help educate Indigenous children on traditional practices, plant uses, gathering of native materials, and basket weaving. Oral history is an important part of her culture, and she uses writing to carry on this tradition. Desiree aspires to encourage positive self-reflection among the youth in her community, and through her writing, show all children positive examples of Indigenous peoples in an effort to create a more accepting and informed society.
Denae Shanidiin’s
(Diné/ Honágháahnii/ Kinłichíi'nii/ Bilagáana/Korean) work speaks to her own identity as an Indigenous woman and artist. Her photography reveals her Diné ancestry through intimate family portraits in urban settings and on her homeland. Shanidiin’s projects depict the importance of Indigenous spirituality and sovereignty, and brings awareness to many contemporary First Nation issues, including Missing and Murdered Indigenous People.


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