Solid Ground, eBook: MOBI for Kindle Devices ONLY
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Solid Ground, eBook: MOBI for Kindle Devices ONLY

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“Tom Lewis has provided a roadmap for a richer, more meaningful, and happier life.   
Take that road!” – 
Dennis Prager, author and syndicated talk show host

SOLID GROUND shatters the popular myths in today’s culture about how to create a successful life and career. Tom Lewis offers both a road map and a compass for discovering True North. Following these principles will not only put you on SOLID GROUND, it will significantly improve your chances of finding success and happiness.

TOM LEWIS is an award-winning entrepreneur and philanthropist who overcame career setbacks, tough competition, and a life-threatening illness to reach the pinnacle of success – and more importantly – fulfillment. He shares his journey and his advice in this very personal and profound book.

Ten years from now you will thank yourself for reading this book. 
It will change the trajectory of your life.


To be successful in life, I have learned that you have to put first things first, but today’s popular culture has it backwards. 

  • You can’t find your passion until you develop your work ethic. 
  • You can’t find your purpose until you discover who you are.
  • You can’t find your happiness until you find your talent and help others.
  • You can’t find success until you earn it.

What we need today, probably more than ever, is a return to the fundamentals of building a good life—one that is full of goodness, success, and even happiness.  And it’s not really that complicated. SOLID GROUND presents a model for success that has worked for centuries—and it will work today.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort to invest in your future, this book is for you.

All proceeds from SOLID GROUND will be donated to T.W. Lewis Foundation which supports higher education, healthcare, youth character education and children and families in need.

 For more information on T.W. Lewis Foundation please visit:



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