Stover Goes to Camp
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Stover Goes to Camp

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By Kathy Brodsky, Illustrated by Cameron Bennett

Stover the pig is going to overnight camp for the very first time! This is a big deal, because he has never spent any time away from home."Camp Welcome" is very diverse camp, where all are welcome. In reality, the campers are different animals - and they all get along. In the process of being away from home, Stover will experience many new things, including a bout with homesickness. He will also get a chance to try challenging, fun activities, and as his time away from home progresses, he will begin to understand himself and others better. Life-Skills questions lead to further discussion of what it’s like to leave home for the first time. It's a good book for people of any age, to help them anticipate what it will be like when they leave home.


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