The BE-Attitudes: Embrace of Grace, PPB
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The BE-Attitudes: Embrace of Grace, PPB

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Have the angels ever answered your prayer with far more than you could ever imagine?

Meet The BE-Attitudes. Kimberly Marooney asked what we needed to know about grace for a Sunday Unity Service she was leading. What followed was an extraordinary series of messages called the BE Attitudes. Embedded in the words, a powerful current of energy flows into the pages of the book and the reader. To further enhance the reading experience, this book is lavishly illustrated with colors, images, and sacred symbols that further convey the transmission of energy.  Angels are with you always. Reading this short book as a meditation transports you into the embrace of Grace. The messages teach you how to live each day in a state of BEing. You will love the soft-cover, square, storybook format. It fits beautifully in the hands and heart as you read.


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