The Bellatrix System: Techniques And Tactics For SCA Armored Combat, PPB
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The Bellatrix System: Techniques And Tactics For SCA Armored Combat, PPB

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By Duke Paul of Bellatrix

Are you a medieval fighter? Do you participate in SCA heavy-list? Are you wondering how to get your fighting to the next level? Maybe you struggle to land telling blows. Maybe you’ve developed an injury using sub-par techniques. Maybe you’ve been playing so long, you’re not sure how to keep going.

Fortunately, this book has the answer to each of those situations, and countless others. Introducing: 

The Bellatrix System THE system for medieval armored combat.

Condensing the better part of sixty years of martial arts and SCA armored combat experience, Duke Paul of Bellatrix has compiled his methods, techniques, and tactics into one place for every fighter to benefit from. His fighting system can be applied by ANYONE, regardless of height, weight, age, gender, physicality, or skill level.The techniques described in this book are applicable to all styles of armed combat, including:

◆ The Society for Creative Anachronism

◆ Historical European Martial Arts

◆ Battle of the Nations

With decades of experience in martial arts and postural therapy, Duke Paul’s methods are safe for anyone of any body type or skill level to employ.

His system, detailed in this book, is not only the most comprehensive system for armored combat available, countless experienced fighters across numerous sports agree, it is the best one.


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