The Best Is Yet to Be
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The Best Is Yet to Be

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By Larry Sudbay

The Best Is Yet To Be is a unique collection of inspiring stories, some found and some authored, by a visionary entrepreneur. Originally shared over many years in a corporate newsletter, these tales cross the line from the business realm to a place of personal reflection. Illustrated by Steven Kellogg, the title is also a memoir of sorts for author Larry Sudbay. Kellogg and Sudbay worked together to envision the group of paintings that now tell the tale of Sudbay s life, even as they highlight certain periods that were particularly transformative. Readers will learn that Sudbay loves family, hard work, good ideas, and fair play. They will see that his lessons in life revolve around zest, resiliency, and his belief that the best is yet to be. It is in that spirit, that we share these intriguing tales and captivating artwork.


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