The Bike Cop: Son Over the Yardarm (Vol. 2)
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The Bike Cop: Son Over the Yardarm (Vol. 2)

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Nineteen-year-old Digger Davenport is eager to return to Port Talbot, Maine, for his second summer as the town’s Bike Cop. Instead of directing tourists and writing parking tickets, he is caught up in mysterious events that seem connected to the town’s fabled Abenaki curse, which is hounding members of a blue-blood Ocean Avenue family to death. Digger’s crime-fighting efforts are complicated by revelations of a Davenport family secret—and helped by sailing instructor Kristy Riggins, a new friend who’s as beautiful as she is brave. Join Digger and Kristy as they take on the ungodly evil harassing idyllic Port Talbot in this standalone sequel to The Greater Weight of Evidence.


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