The Christmas Tree Wish
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The Christmas Tree Wish

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Illustrated by BROCK NICOL
Hardback, 56 Pages
Release Date: November 1, 2022 

Daphne Thompson captures the true meaning of the Christmas spirit in this elegant, heartwarming story about a boy's search for the truth in love. This is a book that can change how you see the world and will be a fresh and new perspective to add to your family holiday collection. Beautifully written with Norman Rockwell-like illustrations to lift spirits and remind people how much they are loved. Through the eyes of a child, we can rediscover the true meaning and hope that only Christmas can bring for the magic of the heart is open to us, shake us, identify us, and transform us. This extraordinary tale told on a Christmas Tree Farm, in the vintage theme of 1960, shares the touching story of Liam, a young balsam fir tree. He discovers he is lost when all hope turns to despair from losing his loved ones all around him. One night, he gets the urge of inspiration in him to hope again. After reaching out to one of the stars, he asks if he’ll ever be with his family again. When he meets Abner, a friendship builds as Abner tells him the story of The Greatest Christmas Tree, in which Liam discovers who he is and the meaning of his life’s purpose. In this richly illustrated tale for all ages, a tiny balsam fir discovers hope as a beautiful star opens his heart, helps him find his identity, and guides him to realize peace. 


Daphne Thompson is an author and motivational speaker. After an intense inner transformation changed the course of her life, she became driven to understand, integrate, and deepen that transformation through a wide range of spiritual studies that awakened her inner troubadour. Her works of fiction include genres in Children's, Family, Allegory, Poetry, and Spirituality. Thompson loves spending time with family, Northern Michigan's outdoors, travel, and watching sunrises and sunsets.

At a very early age, Brock Nicol was captivated by the works of Norman Rockwell whose images of free speech and Thanksgiving told stories in a single image. He is a native to Canada and the youngest of 7 children (and twin brother to Barry). He graduated from the Graphic Design/ Illustration program at Algonquin College and resides in Ottawa, Ontario. Brock's passion for realism and talent in art (multiple mediums-traditional or digital) keep him working as one of the top full-time freelance illustrators.

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