The Dolphin Rescue, ppb
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The Dolphin Rescue, ppb

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Authors: Emily Adams, Lindsey Boynton,Taylor Vahey, Sophie Boynton, with Jan Hall
Illustrator: Bobbi LeBonte

In The Dolphin Rescue, four teen storytellers show what can be accomplished in the world if we use our imagination. As characters in the story, their mission is to treat all animals ethically and have an adventure along the way. Their goal is to stop the annual hunting of dolphins in Japan.

The girls come to understand that the event is rooted in Japanese culture, and that it helps the town economically. After a calamity seizes the town, the day is saved by the girls, local people, and the dolphins. The town’s people begin to realize that dolphins deserve to be treated humanely, but they struggle with finding alternative livelihoods. Readers will recognize by the end of the book that working together, young and old, is how to respect and value local communities’ needs along with the needs of indigenous animal species. The 112-page book features many color arts drawn in a special type of anime style, sure to attract reluctant readers and middle school children up to age twelve. There are two ways to enjoy this tale: print book or ebook. A website with fun activities and teacher aids accompanies the story. The print book can be ordered from our distributor, Pathway Book Services, or from Amazon. The Kindle ebook is available from Amazon.


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