The Gates Of Heaven: The Ottoman Empire Trilogy
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The Gates Of Heaven: The Ottoman Empire Trilogy

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It is 1492, and Andalusia is being destroyed the victims have no one to look to except for a Sultan a sea away. The Gates of Heaven is a work of historical fiction about the story of the expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Andalusia and Ottoman Sultan Bayezid IIs humanitarian rescue of these victims of persecution from the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition. Set against the historical backdrop of the fall of Granada, Columbus voyage to the New World and the advent of the printing press, this epic novel brings to life a lesser known, yet no less important, episode in the history of the encounters between the Ottoman Empire and Europe in vivid detail. An epic tale of adventure from the Atlantic to the far reaches of the Mediterranean, The Gates of Heaven is also an ode to lost Andalusia and a tale of humanitarianism so often not heeded even in the twenty first century.


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