The Greatest Crash, PPB
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The Greatest Crash, PPB

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The Greatest Crash: How contradictory policies are sinking the global economy explains why the global economy is still struggling. All existing policies have limits or contradictions, says David Kauders. Indeed, new policies espoused by governments may be making matters worse. This book is written for the general reader, with clear and direct explanations. The content is wide ranging, covering, as examples: - the wishful thinking endemic in the recent past; - why rescues and bail-outs are self defeating; - how group think rules our critical faculties; - academic differences of opinion, and undue reliance placed on academic theories; - the need for evolution rather than prescriptive control. But, in addition to the popular appeal, this book will also add to understanding and therefore be saleable in business and academic markets, including finance, economics, politics and society.


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