The Wicked Truth About Love, paper
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The Wicked Truth About Love, paper

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The modern quest for love is a tangle of pitfalls where obstacles and suffering are mistaken for true love. While most pop culture advice about finding true love focuses on how to identify the perfect love object or on how to make yourself into such an object, the triangular and mimetic (imitative) nature of desire is rarely acknowledged, leaving the seeker feeling frustrated, hopeless, and somehow incapable of love. In The Wicked Truth About Love: The Tangles of Desire, author Suzanne Ross guides the reader in an engaging exploration of their personal romantic patterns using a survey based on the triangular nature of desire. Six patterns of desire are identified to reveal the reader’s mimetic pitfalls. Whimsical illustrations, examples in contemporary entertainment, original music downloads and witty wisdom allows the reader to understand and dismantle their romantic tangles, leaving them free to discover the gift that love can be


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