They Shot Kennedy
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They Shot Kennedy

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By David Benjamin

For a kid named Cribbsy, the month of November, 1963, was a private train wreck weeks before JFK undertook his fatal motorcade in Dallas.
Cribbsy is tangled in a half-dozen romantic crises. He’s hounded by malevolent dwarfs. He’s under threat of suspension by a vicious vice-principal. He’s at war with his English teacher. Every time he sets foot in the halls, he faces death at the hands of a delusional gridiron gladiator.

Cribbsy’s trials trace America’s loss of innocence. Kennedy has faced down Khrushchev over Cuban missiles, but every kid grows up with the haunting certainty that his life—all life—will end beneath a mushroom cloud.

As the nation mourns JFK, Cribbsy’s troubles mount. He becomes an unwitting felon. He receives an unexpected overture from the yummiest girl in school. He faces a showdown with his raging nemesis. He knows what happened in the Art Room. And he has a conversation—both crushing and illuminating—with the Playmate of the Month.

David Benjamin is a lifelong storyteller. His fiction includes The Life and Times of the Last Kid Picked and seven books under his new imprint, Last Kid Books: Three’s a Crowd, A Sunday Kind of Love, Almost Killed by a Train of Thought: Collected Essays, Summer of ’68, Skulduggery in the Latin Quarter, Black Dragon and Jailbait.  As a journalist, Benjamin has edited newspapers, published and edited several magazines, and authored SUMO: A Thinking Fan’s Guide to Japan’s National Sport. In its first year, Benjamin’s imprint, Last Kid Books, won six independent press awards.  His essays have appeared in publications that include the Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Examiner, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, EE Times and Common Dreams. Benjamin and his wife Junko Yoshida have been married for ages. They live sometimes in Madison, Wisconsin and sometimes in Paris.


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