Through A Sober Lens: A Photographer’s Journey, CL
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Through A Sober Lens: A Photographer’s Journey, CL

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Since the publication of his acclaimed debut Fighting For My Life, Michael Blanchard has become a voice of hope and inspiration for thousands. By blending photography and writing, Michael provides insight into the diseases of alcoholism and addiction and the pathways to recovery. In this new collection of photographs and essays he shares stories of resilience, compassion and empathy. Michael reveals candid details of his own journey, from his three month stay at the Talbot recovery campus in  Atlanta to a new life filled with caring and connection. Along the way he discovers that sobriety is more than the absence of alcohol; it’s the presence of love, hope, faith and contribution. Through his interactions with fellow souls on the healing journey he learns that, in his own words,“We are never alone.”

Genevieve Press Films | Through a Sober Lens from Cobrandit Video on Vimeo.


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